Anatomy of Time - Dutch premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam


Co-producer Sluizer Film Productions is proud to announce feature film “ANATOMY OF TIME” is selected at the 2022 International Film Festival Rotterdam – in the section Harbour, subtitled in English. Screenings are due to the Covid measures on demand online for ticket buyers in the Netherlands at from Thursday January 27 at 9h00 till Sunday February 6 at 21h00.

The long feature Anatomy of Time begins with the ending: the death of Maem’s spouse, a merciless former Thai army officer who fell from grace late in his career. Alternating between past and present, filmmaker Jakrawal Nilthamrong’s second feature film – his first Vanishing Point, which won him the Tiger Award in 2015 – tells the story of Maem, the daughter of a rural clockmaker. We see her as a young woman, yet to discover herself in the 1960s and in her present role, as her dying husband’s loyal caretaker – a man now hated by the Thai people.  

 The film is partly a historical document of a turbulent period in Thailand, suffering, as it was under military dictatorship, terrorism from communist guerillas with violent confrontations between the various parties. With minimal dialogue or explicit explanation but with an eye for both tranquil details and the spectacular omnipresent nature, director Nilthamrong meanders through past and present, facts and fiction.

Anatomy of Time was selected in 2021 at the Film Festival Venice section Orrizonti 2021, won the Grand Prize best film at Tokyo Filmex, International Busan Film Festival 2021, Hamburg Film Fest, Five Flavors Poland, World Cinema Berlinale and the International Singapore Film Festival.

 The film is supported by: #HubertBalsFonds#NederlandsFondsvoordeFilm#Aides AuCinemaDuMonde#RegionNouvelleAcquitaine#SingaporeFilmCommision# BerlinaleWorldCinemaFundEurope#PurinPictures#MinistryofThailand   










Scheme is a joint initiative by the Netherlands Film Fund (NFF The NFF+HBF Co-Production) and the Hubert Bals Fund (HBF). Two grants of €50,000 are awarded to two projects with Dutch co-production partners. Both selected projects have received HBF development support in the past. During the Cannes Film Festival  was announced that the project ANATOMY OF TIME by Thai filmmaker Jakrawal Nilthamrong, was selected. Nilthamrong’s films have frequently been supported by HBF. His latest long feature  Vanishing Point won a Tiger Award at IFFR 2015. The Dutch co-producer is Sluizer Film Productions together with main producer Diversion from Thailand and co-producer Damned Films from France.